The Rise of the Rambo Reformers By Rob Radosti

In this hour God is calling out His “Rambo Reformers!” When the Lord spoke this to me, I immediately felt the weight of the word in my spirit. I was taken to 1 Peter 2:9 where Peter writes “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” I believe the Lord wants us to remember that we are a peculiar people, called out of the darkness of unbelief and the slavery of sin. When the children of Israel forgot where God had brought them from, they began to murmur and complain. Their focus was no longer on the promised land, but on their offenses with Moses. We must not forget the darkness that Jesus our Savior has delivered us from, and we must not turn away the “Rambo Reformers” that He is calling out to deliver the church from their bondage!

The Church is being Delivered

The Rambo Reformers are apostolic workers who give their lives to see the Church of Jesus thrive. Although their labor of love is evident, the church is not yet sure how to receive them. Their ways are peculiar, sometimes even somewhat aggressive. They seem to be renegade christians, but in fact, they are the reconcilers of a runaway bride! God is calling Rambo reformers in this hour to deliver the church! The church is being liberated from abuse, fear, neglect and religious darkness! Yes, the church is being restored from a fall from grace. Be prepared to accept the uncommon and the impractical as God will usher a great paradigm shift into His church. The Rambo reformers will be labeled heretics just as the Apostle Paul, and we must not beg them to return to their former powerless place in our communities. It is God who has placed such a burning fire in their hearts! Although, like John the Baptist, they may seem like crazy men in the wilderness, they are directly on que: Preparing the way of the Lord in this generation.

What will these Rambo Reformers accomplish?

The reformers that God is calling out in this hour will destroy the idolatry of culture, and lift the cross of Jesus high above powerless tradition and fear-mongering teaching. They will ensure that our culture no longer defines our God, but that our God defines our culture. This is what will bring true reformation to the church. Let the Rambo reformers arise!

Rob Radosti