God is Calling Culture-Creators By Rob Radosti

If one thing is clear, it’s that the body of Christ around the globe is currently in an active reformation. Recognizing that the church, though in revival, remained in doctrinal bondage, many shock prophets rose up in the mid 2000’s to attempt to set the record straight. They were largely rejected by the church who sometimes fails to acknowledge the call to fresh reform as a genuine groan of the Spirit. By and large, many disciples have been made around the globe under the banner of reform, but in many areas, mainline Christianity yet remains untouched by fresh reformation. For those of us pouring out our lives to see the reformation in the church, it can be quite frustrating to encounter such stark opposition and we can resolve to challenge the system even harder. Holy Spirit wants us to know that although resolving to be counter-culture is fine, the goal is to become culture-creators. God is calling reformers who are passionate about shaking society to not only go against the grain, but to produce fresh grain. In 2019, God is saying that the spirit of the reformer and the gifting of the entrepreneur are to work hand in hand to create culture that will lift up Jesus and shake the foundations of society. Will you be a culture-creator?