Most Recent Episode – “Reformers Rising!”

Episode 3: Discovering Your Roots

Do you know you true roots? The answer may surprise you! Join Rob for this exciting episode of “Beautifully Included” and discover a timeless truth about yourself!

Episode 2: Indoctrination Extermination

Have you ever wondered why we believe lies about God and about ourselves? How do we recognize this type of indoctrination and exterminate it? Join Rob Radosti for the second episode of Church14 TV’s premier show “Beautifully Included” and find out! Share this episode with someone who needs to see it.

Episode 1: Crumbling Preconceived Notions

Have you ever had preconceived notions that ended up keeping you from something that would have greatly benefited you? Do you need peace in your life? In this premier of “Beautifully Included”, Rob Radosti walks with you on an exciting journey into destiny!