Are you ready to take things to the NEXT LEVEL?

“Shout out to Church14 and to Rob and Millie for offering the Doctrine Detox Bootcamp to everyone everywhere! I attend this bootcamp and I watch the glory cloud manifest in the room. I watch Rob release the spirit of revelation; I am so honored to eat at this banqueting table! In this bootcamp, the truth is released with joy, laughter and rest in the presence of God! It is breakthrough amplified!” – Kari, Myrtle Beach, SC

What is the Doctrine Detox Bootcamp?

The Doctrine Detox Bootcamp is a one year program that is designed to bring you exponential supernatural, theological and personal growth! You will be immersed in one year of deep teaching with Rob Radosti and friends that is specifically targeted to detox you from lies concerning God and humanity, and prepare you for power-backed, grace infused ministry. You can expect a thorough overview of the scriptures from the correct lens, as well as studies on hermeneutics, eschatology, the five-fold ministry, and so much more! Your year of study will include mentorship with Rob and specific five-fold study targets. We promise, this will be like nothing you have ever participated in before. Upon completion, you will have the opportunity to be commissioned at the Church14 Hub Myrtle Beach and the option for ordination with Church14 depending on your specific calling and desire for ministry. 


Where do I study?

If you are a local to South Carolina, you may attend bootcamp every Wednesday evening starting 7/10/19 at 6 PM at the Church14 Hub Myrtle Beach. If you desire to study online, classes begin 9/4/19. Upon enrollment, you will be sent a link to create a log in and student account. You will watch approximately 1-2 classes per week, and complete required quizzes and tests as they are issued. Your year will include live mentorship with Rob and the opportunity to intern with him at various ministry events. Don’t delay, enroll today! All payments are non-refundable. PayPal is used for enrollment services. List of payment options is below:



Cost of enrollment is $175. This amount is included in your tuition for the year (married couples may do the bootcamp together). Your full tuition for the year is $1000. You can pay it up front, or pay the enrollment fee of $175, and break the remaining $825 up into payments. Please email Michelle Glorsky at [email protected] with any questions, and she will respond promptly. 


Bootcamp Options

Accessories and Required Reading:

Upon enrollment,you will receive a list of suggested reading for your year of study. Of these, there is a small list of required reading. You may also go ahead and order your student T-shirt now! This authentic Doctrine Detox Bootcamp shirt is for students and those who plan on completing the bootcamp. Order your shirt HERE.